This story is from the time of World War II.

  1. The Sami people inhabit the north of Fennoscandia. So, when they found a small lake, they named it simply: "Jaurakka", "a small lake". (Consider North Sami "jávri", "lake".)
  2. The Finns became the majority people in the area, driving the Sami away to the north. They noticed the Sami call the lake "Jaurakka", so they began call it "Jaurakkajärvi" (Lake Jaurakka).
  3. World War II came with Stalin's attempt at conquering Finland. They managed to get hold of some territory, where Jaurakkajärvi was situated. They needed to name the lake, so it became "Jaurakkajärviozero" (Lake Jaurakkajärvi) in their maps.
  4. Finns allied with the Germans, who succeeded in taking Jaurakkajärviozero back. The Germans called it "Jaurakkajärviozerosee" (Lake Jaurakkajärviozero).
  5. The British (or Americans) were allied with the Russians, and there is a legend that they had a map with "Lake Jaurakkajärviozerosee".

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Note: because the name simply means "Lake", there are more than one of them.

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