Jargon File Disorder is a syndrome which affects those who have just discovered the Jargon File. The condition is closely related to IRColalia. Symptoms include obsessive yammering about "hacker" vs. "cracker", Three Letter Acronym Abuse, and gratuitous use of obsolete (and frequently half-understood) slang: If you don't know LISP reasonably well, the sense of CDR will elude you, and there's no shame in admitting it because who the hell writes in LISP any more?

High-profile JFD sufferers include Eric S. Raymond, which ought to be enough to give anyone pause.

The prognosis is usually good. The novelty eventually wears off and the Disordered individual realizes that nobody cares what a Computer Expert s/he is, that s/he isn't one anyway, and that it's time to start speaking coherently again.

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