Japanese Poets and Poems

Part of The Everything Anthology of Poetry

(Many of the links here were obtained from the Japanese Literature and Film metanode by sensei -- thanks!)

Hyakunin Isshu (collection by different poets)
Ryojin Hisho (collection by different poets)
The Kokinshu anthology (collection by different poets)
Insects Weep
What Can I Point To?
Yosano Akiko
My heart is like the sun
Girl, Twenty
To Kiyomizu
Black Hair
So, Call Me Again
I Have This Delusion
Matsuo Basho
Haiku by basho
Yosha Buson
Kamo no Chomei
The river is ceaseless
Building Houses
Lady Daibu
At Least This Kindness
By Force Alone
Lady Daibu And Her Lover
Meant For Her
The Promised Time
Sudden Memories
That Morning in the Snow
Wherever I Turn
Awake, Seeing the Peach Blossoms
Midnight. No waves,
Over the Mountains of Echizen
Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Death Poem of Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Lady Ise
My Depths Are Now Shallows
Spring Rains Weave
To The Coming Spring
What's Ancient Enough
Kobayashi Issa
Kobayashi Issa's Cat Poems (collection)
Counting mountains
Cries of wild geese
How sweet
This dewdrop world
What a strange thing!
Lady Izumi
For Love of You
I Am Startled Again And Again
I go out of the darkness
The Mirror I Face
My Heart Doesn't Follow My Heart
No Colour Called Love
Will I cease to be
Yoshida Kenko
The Dew of Adashino
Great Abbot Pond-in-the-Hole
The Old Letter
A Rare Book
Ono no Komachi
As certain as color
Blasted by Autumn Winds
Even In Dreams
Flowers Faded
The Gone, Growing in Number
If the Current Were to Call
Is It That Time?
Since I Fell Asleep
Since Then, All I Do
Submit To You?
You Can't See It
A Cricket Cries
Deeper Into The Mountains
Dreams As Dreams
Flimsy As The World
Just How You Feel
The Mind's Dreaming
The Path Has Vanished
Still Hold The Moon
Sunlight Streams
The Willow's Shade
To Play Hide and Seek
Without Memories
When You Said, "Remember Me"
Why Be Bitter?
Unknown, Unliked
Saito Sanki
After eating whalemeat
Minamoto no Sanetomo
Caught In A Mirror
Foam Drifting
If only the world
Leaves Fall And Sink
Masaoka Shiki
Princess Shikishi
Fragrant Water
Gossip As High
I Sit And Then Rise
In My Grief
Is And Is Not As It Was
The Mirage That Forms
The Moon Dims
My Heart Is Thrown
My Thoughts To Go
Strange In The Dusk
Stream Ceases
That Frost Will Not Fall
This Side of the Clouds
Sei Shonagon
Though you can tell me
Myoe Shonin
I Feel I've Melted
Over My Robes
These Turning Winds
Fujiwara no Shunzei
Even Years Ago
Into Open Sky
Mourning Lady Kaga
That One Emotion
Withered Garden
Yoshida Shoin
Death Poem of Yoshida Shoin
Mibu no Tadamine
On Kasuga plain
Kyogoku Tamekane
Blossoms Left Behind
The Colour Of His Voice
The Moving Storm
Pulled By Moonlight
The Roof Above My Bed
Suddenly Here On The Grass
Thoughts Are Worn Away
Fujiwara no Teika
Frost Forms
Mourning Lady Kaga
Passing Through The Barrier of Our Eyes
Pulled By The Memory
Pulled Through Water
Scatter As You May
Sharper With Frost
Sign of This Floating World
Sound and Colour of Pines

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