The Sci-Fi network has starting running Star Trek: Enterprise in syndication just as Spike TV has started airing episodes of Star Trek: Voyager in syndication. That, combined with the normal Spike reruns, means that Mondays now feature eight straight hours of Star Trek in a row spanning four different series. Neat.

The thing is, Sci Fi is editing Enterprise for content.

There's this scene from the pilot episode of Enterprise that aired last night, a conversation between Trip and Mayweather where Mayweather is talking about all the planets he visited when growing up on a long-range transport. He talks about a planet where the women all have three breasts, and Trip asks him if he had first-hand experience of it, to which Mayweather jokes "First-hand, second-hand...third-hand." The entire exchange was edited out.

It's so stupid. It's not like the show aired on HBO or anything and needed to be sanitized for the public (which is also stupid, but at least expected), the show went from an over-air network to a cable channel, the same channel that airs Battlestar Galactica, a show that features sex and violence and psychological torment on a massive level.

It's also worth noting that the quoted conversation happens not five minutes before the 'Trip and T'Pol getting naked and rubbing each other down with astroglide' decontamination scene, which was left entirely intact.

I don't know whose idea the edit was, but they should be shot.

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