So tired.

Took a long time to wake up. Actually turned off both snooze alarms.

As I lotioned my feet in preparation for yoga, I thought -- "I actually, really miss home." Understanding the current environment of my home, it made me wonder exactly what home is. I didn't think about it much then, although anxiety's sharp cold fingers tried to dig repeatedly in to the cracks in the wall. The yoga helped. It was by far the hardest I've done in a while only because I so desperately wanted to crawl back in to bed.

Quite rainy this morning. It would qualify as a decent central Florida gardener's rain. I still love Vancouver. I imagine I would love the rest of Canada as well.

Got to the office early -- met the whole team plus the counterparts of my old team. The training class was fine --nothing special, but still useful.

So very tired.

Despite that, after work I looked around for appropriate stuff to buy for the boys. No luck. Went back to the apartment, fixed a huge plate of pasta with pesto, many slices of buttered toast and many tall glasses of water. Did some laundry. Went to be and read until I fell asleep, still feeling a little blue.

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