Boob Tube

Watching the day, the clouds control our doubts.

The walls sing the television of the future,
like paper, covering the faces of the children.

In the television, the future covers the winter outside
and controls the air from escaping.

We try to come a little closer.

We watch through the window, like hummingbirds.

We watch the faces in the television of the future,
starting to cover the lights of the future,
keeping our doubts.

The walls sing to the winter outside; to keep our doubts.
The walls dim black. Every day they seem to vanish.

The paper is on the window ... a thousand empty promises.

(Inspired by ushdfgakjasgh's a thousand untied ends.)

Notes from the Surf

Train Snow Plowing
Without sound or captions, I would've thought it was from a sci-fi movie.

Golden Gate Fog
It's good to be Superman.

Placebos Are Getting More Effective
"Potential trial volunteers in the US have been deluged with ads for prescription medications since 1997...  the ads set up the kind of expectations that induce a formidable placebo response... When the morphine supply ran low, the nurse assured a wounded soldier that he was getting a shot of potent painkiller, though her syringe contained only salt water. Amazingly, the bogus injection relieved the soldier's agony and prevented the onset of shock... By casting placebo as the villain in RCTs, he ended up stigmatizing one of his most important discoveries... some patients get better just because they sign up for a trial."

Body scanner: "Wanna fly in the USA?"
"Yes, there's a 'professional' that can see all your gadgetry."

Plaça de George Orwell
"Rain on your wedding day?"

Capital City
"The defense lobby... contributed $24 million... The farm lobby? $65 million... Health care was the No. 2 industry, at $167 million. And the finance lobby? ...They contributed an astonishing $475 million during the 2008 election cycle."

No Oil for Genocide: Indigenous Activists in Peru Clash With Government Over U.S. Free Trade Deal
"Local journalists have posted on the Internet pictures and accounts of snipers shooting at indigenous protesters and of police beating and killing men, women and children. Amazon Watch cited in their press release Monday several sources reporting on police officers disposing of protesters' bodies as well as detaining hundreds more in unknown locations, some of whom have been injured."

Killing Activists in Honduras
"Wendy Molina, 32, was shot several times and played dead when one of the assassins pulled her hair, checking to see if anyone in the group was still alive. She was taken to the hospital and survived...  those fearful for their lives cannot report to the police. Complaints they file... could soon become signatures to their own death letters."

Bolivia: MAS win 2/3 of Congress
"Workers, indigenous peasants, and the poor majority should assume democratic control over the economy ... Soldiers´ Committees should be set up, so that the rank and file can democratically elect officers. The Soldiers´ Committees must be linked up with the Defense Committees to ensure community control over the military... Like Morales, Allende... believed the capitalist opposition would ultimately have to respect his democratic mandate."

Poland: Workers from Collar Textil started the occupation of the plant in Opatów
"Policemen photographed desperate women who demand justice. It seems that even such situation can be dangerous for the state... employer who persistently breaks labour law rules can be accused based on the penal law. But the prosecutor started to act 2 months after the media had publicized the issue."

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