A lot going on, and this is just a small note about my usage of e2.

I write a lot on here. Often very spontaneously. For this reason, I receive lots of feedback, which I try to act on. Much of this feedback is about typoos, and often I get a lot of corrections for the same mistake. Some of the messages are comments about the content of my write-ups. Often I want to engage in conversation about those things, but they often get buried under many other messages.

Right now, I have less than 200 messages in my inbox. The oldest typo correction is from June of 2015, for my write-up on Steven Universe. I probably fixed that typo, actually. I will probably go back and look. And then, sometime in 2016, someone asked me about The Lifecycle of Software Objects, and how I would define sentience. I never got back to them on that one. And all of these things are jumbled up over years. The chances are, if I don't get to something in the first 48 hours, it will wait for a while.

E2 lacks a response/threading/comment mechanic, by design. This is not a message board or forum, we decided back in the early 2000s, and that continues to be the case. I think this is good in general, but sometimes I wonder if it would be positive to have a better way to discuss things rather than the jumbled inbox.

But, in any case, I apologize if I can't get back to people about their corrections/suggestions for my write-ups. I do read them all, I promise!

Iron Noder burned me out badly, but I was prepared for that. It wasn’t the first high-stakes November in my life and I hope it won’t be the last. But between that and today, the world at large has gone even crazier, while the inner world between these four walls has also been shaken down to its foundations.

So, what gives?

I was seriously hoping for ReQuest to come back this year, but alas, seems that our brave leaders in that regard are relatively inactive and I cannot blame them if they don’t run the Quest. It’s difficult as it is.

I still have a folder of drafts, as always. But I wish to write none of them. It’s not like other times, when one must force the Muse to spit out her blessings. I simply don’t want to continue writing any of those in the sense that I desire to permanently end any and all works in progress and start anew. I won’t do it, but I feel like it.

The greatest threat of a blank page is that endless possibilities are overwhelming for my finite mind. I need a finite and definite project to write about.

And I’ll find it, I hope I will. I haven’t written anything in over a month and that also feels bad.

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