So here I am, five thirty in the morning, awake voluntarily. This has never occurred in the history of my life, unless I stayed up this late.

I've had a pretty decent cold these past few days, and, as a result of the coaxing of the two females in my house, decided to take some NyQuil to get to sleep. It knocked me on my ass shortly after swallowing it at eleven last night, and six and a half hours later, here I am.

What the hell? Where is the rest of my coma? This stuff is supposed to make you sleep for the rest of the week, isn't it? I looked on the bottle to see just what I had consumed the night before, to find a strange mix of pseudophedrine and a shot of alchohol (listed as an inactive ingredient, no less). This stuff contradicts itself. Never again will I consume thee, NyQuil.

Hi everybody – I hope you’re doing good and you all had a nice Christmas and a Happy New Year. I was on break from school for two weeks but one of my teachers gave us an assignment to do a sentence or a poem about the months of the year. You had to use the spelling of each month to describe things about it. It was hard but it was fun! We weren’t being graded on it anyway. I called it “Months of the Year. I hope you like it!

Months of the Year

Just a cold day
Another year gone by
Nothing much to do
Under warm blankets
A little time to myself
Racing through the snow
Year after year

Freezing rain and sleet
Everybody is inside
Baking cookies
Reading books
Until it gets warm
And sunny
Reaching out
Year after year

Making plans for Spring
Apples would taste so good
Resting on my bed
Cleaning up my room
Hoping for tomorrow

Amazing beautiful sunsets
Pink and purple flowers,
Raindrops fall like life
Icicles melt

Making plans for summer
Another one is here

Just another night
Under starry skies
Nighttime is so peaceful
Everything is right

June went by so quick
Under summer sun
Laying on the beach
Year after year

A barbecue out back
Up on the roof
Gazing at the stars
Under cloudless skies
Sitting on the porch
Thunderstorms are coming,

Starting up of school
Earlier to rise
Playing with my friends
Teachers teach the class
Eating hot lunch
Making arts and crafts
Breaking in new shoes
Earlier to bed
Running in the yard

On the bus to school
Cooler times at night
Taking spelling tests
Over and over again
Being who I am
Each and every day
Reaching for the stars

Nighttime comes so quick
Over and over again
Vacation time is over
Eating soups and stews
Making Christmas lists
Breaking through the ice
Each and every night
Reading in my bed

Dancing to the music
Echoing in my ears
Caroling in the neighborhood
Every single night
Making Christmas cookies
Baking in the oven
Eating chocolate treats
Rest until next year


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