Jam skating is an extreme skating sport. It is sometimes referred to as Rexing, Bouncing, Shadow skating and cruising. One usually jam skates on inlines or 4-wheel skates, sometimes referred to as quads. Jam skating is a mixture of break dancing, street dancing, aggressive skating, session skating, speed skating and gymnastics all rolled into one for an amazing performance.

Jam skating can be a team or single sport, although most choose to do sets with partners.

Some of the moves included in the routines are jumping, spinning, complex rhythms of clapping and stomping, and flowing movements with the skates, and toe jamming.

Toe Jamming is usually made up of moves such as rubber legs, crazy legs, and skating on front wheels only. Competitions are usually held at skating rinks and judges rate the teams on the following scoring guidelines:

    Doubles (Trukin)/Teams:
  • Synchronization
  • Skating Ability and Difficulty
  • Choreography and Originality
  • Showmanship and Poise

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