Doctor Who - The New Series

Jackie Tyler

Played by: Camille Coduri (2005-2006)

Age: Approx. 40 in 2005 AD.

Occupation: Unemployed.

Doctor: The Ninth Doctor, The Tenth Doctor.

Season One Jackie is Rose's mum, and lives with her in a London council estate. She's one of the lower-class single mothers that the middle-classes look down upon, but she's also a warm-hearted and loving woman who frets when her daughter runs off with the Doctor.

When Rose returned home for the first time, Jackie actively opposed her daughter joining the Doctor on any more of his adventures, but after helping her daughter save the world, she recognised that Rose was old enough to make her own decisions and packed her some clothes for her second journey.

At the end of season one Rose found herself stuck in London, two hundred thousand years away from the Doctor. Although Jackie was quick to think Rose had come home for good, she realised how desperately unhappy her daughter was and was instrumental in getting Rose back to the future.

Season Two Jackie returned for sp.01, "The Christmas Invasion" when Rose and a newly-regenerated Doctor crash-landed the TARDIS on her council estate. She provided the Doctor with a bed and clothes while he was recuperating and her kindness seemed to have been recognised, as his relationship with her softened somewhat. However, the pair continued to trade barbed remarks.

Jackie's husband was Pete, a wheeler-dealer character who was deeply unreliable and whose ever-failing 'get rich quick' schemes kept the family in near pverty. He was knocked down and killed by a car when Rose was just a baby and since then Jackie has had a series of unsuccessful flings with various men. She even made a pass at the ninth Doctor when she first met him, although he was quick to turn her down.

Happily, she and Pete were reunited - in a way - in the final story of season two (2.12, "Army of Ghosts" and 2.13, "Doomsday"), when she met a still-living Peter Tyler from another dimension. This Peter had enjoyed success in his money-making schemes, but his Jackie had been killed by marauding Cybermen. He, along with Mickey Smith and Jake Simmonds, had chased the Cybermen into "our" universe, where they hoped to destroy them.

They succeeded with a little help from the Doctor, but in doing so they were forced to seal the rift between the two worlds. Jackie travelled back into the alternate universe with Peter, where they were joined by Mickey and an extremely upset Rose.

Jackie was last seen living with Rose, Peter and Mickey in Peter's mansion. Her return to the series, like that of all the alternate universe-based characters, is unlikely.

Alternate universe Jackie The Jackie Tyler from the universe seen in 2.05, "Rise of the Cybermen" and 2.06, "The Age of Steel" was similar to "our" Jackie, but had grown listless and bored by years of pampering by that universe's rich and globally known Peter Tyler.

This boredom led to much arguing between the couple and it was quite clear that they would divorce if it wouldn't ruin Peter's standing in the public eye. It also led to Jackie forgetting her working-class background; she regularly treated waiters and serving staff as if they were beneath her.

This Jackie and Peter were childless; the Rose in this dimension was a small Yorkshire Terrier. This Jackie was eventually captured by Cybermen and converted into one of them. She presumably died when The Doctor, Rose, alt-universe Pete and a rebel named Jake Simmonds destroyed the cyber-base she was situated in.

Appearances First season: Appears in 1.01, "Rose"; 1.02, "The End of the World"; 1.04, "Aliens of London"; 1.05, "World War Three"; 1.08, "Father's Day" and 1.13, "The Parting of the Ways".

Second season: Appears in sp.01, "The Christmas Invasion"; 2.01, "New Earth"; 2.05, "Rise of the Cybermen"; 2.06, "The Age of Steel"; 2.10, "Love & Monsters"; 2.12, "Army of Ghosts" and 2.13, "Doomsday".

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