Doctor Who - The New Series

Jake Simmonds

Played by: Andrew Hayden-Smith (2006 only)

Age: Approx. 23 in 2003 AD.

Occupation: Freedom fighter.

Doctor: The Tenth Doctor.

Season Two Although he is a character in the Doctor Who TV show, Jake does not exist in the Doctor's dimension. Instead, he lives in a parallel universe version of London where technology is far more advanced and people have Bluetooth earpieces that can download jokes and news directly into the brain.

When we first met Jake, he was trying to convince a group of homeless men not to board a truck owned by a scientific genius named John Lumic. The tramps ignored him, as the truck's owners promised them free food, but his fears were proved right when the tramps were taken to Lumic's factory. There, they were stripped of their flesh and bone and reduced to brains, spinal cords and nervous tisse. These were then placed in robotic bodies to create... Cybermen!

Luckily for Jake and everyone else in his world, the Doctor, Rose and Mickey had fallen through the void between worlds due to a malfunction in the TARDIS shortly before. Rose discovered that in this universe her father, Peter, was still alive, so she and the Doctor went undercover at a party in his mansion to meet him. Meanwhile, Mickey went to see his grandmother - who was also alive in this universe - where he was promptly kidnapped by Jake and his friends.

It turned out that the alternate universe version of Mickey (Ricky) lead a group of freedom fighters called the Preachers, who wanted to warn everyone of Lumic's evil plans. They soon figured out that Mickey wasn't Ricky and tied him up. But when they received a secret message that the UK's President was to be assassinated by Lumic, they decide to take him along with them to keep an eye on him.

The President, it emergeed, was the guest of honour at Peter Tyler's party. Despite teaming up with the group, the Doctor and Rose were unable to stop him from being killed. With the President dead, Lumic put the final stages of his plan into action and had every person in the world with a Bluetooth headset march towards the cyber-factories for "upgrading".

The group, along with Peter Tyler - the man who gave the Preachers the secret message - retreated from the party, during which Ricky was killed. They then decided to infiltrate the London factory and shut it down. Thanks to Jake's commando skills and gadgets, he and Mickey took the roof, where a large zeppelin was tethered. Despite Jake's resentment at Ricky's death, Mickey managed to earn his respect, first by killing a Cyberman and then by helping the Doctor to shut down the emotional inhibitors on the British Cybermen, causing them all to go insane and shut down.

Finally, Jake and Mickey piloted the zeppelin away from the exploding factory, taking The Doctor, Rose and Peter Tyler away with them. With their adventure over, The Doctor repaired the TARDIS and prepared to head home. But Mickey chose to stay in the parallel universe to take care of Ricky's grandmother and help Jake take down the Cyber factories across the rest of the world.

Three years passed, during which Jake and Mickey helped create an uprising amongst the people of the world, who overthrew the Cybermen. Sensing that defeat was near, the remaining cyborgs - millions of them - used transdimensional technology stolen from Torchwood, a secret non-Governmental scientific organisation, to pass into the Doctor's universe.

However, they were followed by Jake, Mickey and a squad of anti-Cyberman commandos who helped the Doctor trap the robotic menaces in the void between worlds for eternity. However, in doing so the gaps between worlds were sealed forever. Although Jake's fate was not shown, the other alternate-universe characters returned to their own world and it is assumed that he went along with them.

Appearances Second season: Appears in 2.05, "Rise of the Cybermen"; 2.06, "The Age of Steel"; 2.13, "Doomsday".

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