Description: Draken is a Swedish fighter-interceptor developed and produced by SAAB

History: First flight in the autumn of 1955, J 35 Draken (Dragon) was a revolutionary aircraft from the very beginning. It was the first doubledelta-winged aircraft in military service and it's performance was very impressive for its time. Draken was developed as an pure interceptor designed to intercept large bombers coming in high and fast. But as the threat changed Draken was improved and somewhat redesigned to be able to engage at low levels as well. Draken was exported to Denmark, Finland and Austria. Total made: 615

Version History: J 35A was the first version to be delivered to the Swedish Airforce. It had no radar, no sights, no capability for armament, four weapon pylons, one "wet" pylon, two 30 mm Aden cannons and the RM6B engine. Most were later upgraded with Thomson-CSF Cyrano radars but the A version was only ever used for training pilots and groundcrew. J 35B was a upgraded A version also without radar but with a new zero altitude rocket seat and a improved control system. Sk 35C is a two-seat trainer (Sk meaning trainer) used for training pilots, the J 35 was said to be very easy to fly but some airforce pilots didn't agree. J 35D had an upgraded engine RM6C with an improved afterburner, because of this the intakes had to be redesigned and lengthened. It also added 600 liters of fuelcapacity as well as two "wet" pylons for 530 liters external tanks. S 35E, the recon version (S meaning recon). Basically a D without the cannons and with seven cameras. J 35F, new cockpit and a new radar Hughes S-71N. J 35J was the final version, it added two pylons and made all wing pylons "wet", one of the Aden cannons was also removed to save weight.

Current Status: Draken was retired in Sweden in 1998. The Danish and Finish Air Force had already retired their fleet of Draken fighter. The only now remaining Draken in service are with the Austrian Air Force which plans to keep it's Draken for some years to come. Austria is considering buying Jas 39 Gripen to replace Draken. Six Danish Draken were sold to a Californian flight school

Technical Data (J 35J):
Length: 15.34 meters
Wing Span: 9.42 meters
Height: 3.89 meters
Thrust: 7750 kp (with AB)
Weight: 7.4 tons (unloaded)
Speed: Mach 2
Engine: Volvo Aero RM6C (Rolls Royce Avon)
Radar: Ericsson PS-011/A

Air to Air: Aden 30 mm cannon, Rb27 (AIM-26 Falcon), Rb 24 (AIM-9 Sidewinder)

Sources: Flygplankort, Military aviation: Swedish and worldwide (

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