The Islamic ANGEL OF DEATH. His name is mentioned in the Koran, and his characteristics and duties are elaborated upon by commentators. He is one of the four principal archangels of Islamic angelology. In Hebrew lore, he is known as Azrael, whose name means "whom God helps."

"While the angel GABRIEL breathes life into souls, Izra'il takes breath away. He is associated with writing, in the idea that writers 'take away' ideas from the realm of thought and causes them to fall into the world of matter."
- Gustav Davidson. A Dictionary of Angels.

On the larger level, Izra'il represents the human soul. He takes the soul from the world and delivers it to God for forgiveness, and the soul is displayed in a nobler form. In this case, Izra'il is viewed as the bringer of good news because he helps the soul on the path to spiritual perfection.

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