She slowed down. A sip of water. She tried to catch her breath but only managed to choke as she tried to slow her breathing. "You can do this", the thought was reassuring. She kept running.

Thump. Thump. Thump. The beat of shoes on the pavement sent pain shooting to her knees. "Keep going", the thought gave her strength. She kept running.

She had to finish it. She knew that of course. "Give up", the constant drumming thought was wearing hard on her mind. She kept running.

The numb sensation, or rather, lack of sensation was expanding from her legs to her torso. "Fuck!" was the last utterance of her conscious mind.


A doorbell rings.

She tried not to think about that day. She failed. Mind over matter? She wasn't so sure anymore. If she had really believed she could do it... "I wasn't prepared, nothing can change that", the thought settled the issue.

A glance in the mirror - a confident smile. A glance around the apartment - a beautiful home. She opened the door.

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