Ça commence aujourd'hui is a film by Bertrand Tavernier. It tells about a preschool teacher Daniel Lefebvre. The school he is working for is located to a very poor (both economically and culturally) area of France. Many families find it difficult to survive and thus many children have various problems. The resources of kindergarten and other social sectors are seriously limited but Daniel fights for the children. He works with real people, not statistics as political leaders. His attitude puts some action going on inside the bureaucratic system but also is about to burn Daniel himself out.

The movie could be a documentary. There's not that much of dramatical elements apart from ordinary life. And apart from few moments the atmosphere is gloomy and pessimistic yet the main character tries so hard. The film made me really appreciate the work of social workers and alike. It can be really hard unless one adopts a cynical attitude because you simply can't help everybody. Finally, if you ever watch the film I recommend you to pay extra attention to those positive moments that can be spotted. Otherwise the film can be really depressing and hardly offers any artistic, let alone artsy-fartsy, inspiration.

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