It is not hard to be an addict when you're broke. It may be harder for the monetarily challenged to hide their addiction, but addicts are very capable of finding their choice of poison nonetheless. Addiction finds ways.

Addiction is not a few social puffs with months inbetween. Addiction is not experimentation. Addiction is broken promises and strained relationships. Addiction is knowing what is happening to your body and your life and still not being able to stop. If you can push love aside, then money has become a minor obstacle at this point.

Some were tricked into this life. Others know what they were getting into and chose it anyways. It remains, however, that this is not a happy place to be. Need drives people to do desperate things.

Hey man, can I borrow some money?

Oh, I guess I don't really need this DVD player.

It's not stealing because I need it. I can always pay her back later.

He doesn't look half bad. I really need the money...

Well I already do drugs, what difference does a condom make?

There's always a way out.

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