A process taking place at constant temperature is called isothermal.

An "isotherm" is a line showing the relation between pressure and volume for a gas undergoing a reversible, isothermal compression. It contrasts with an adiabatic (which see)

Refers to a reaction or process that occurs at a constant temperature.

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I`so*ther"mal (?), a. [Cf. F. isotherme.] (a)

Relating to equality of temperature.

(b) Phys. Geog.

Having reference to the geographical distribution of temperature, as exhibited by means of isotherms; as, an isothermal line; an isothermal chart.

Isothermal line. (a) An isotherm. (b) A line drawn on a diagram of energy such that its ordinates represent the pressures of a substance corresponding to various volumes, while the absolute temperature is maintained at a constant value. -- Isothermal zones, spaces on opposite sides of the equator having the same mean temperature, and bounded by corresponding isothermal lines.


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