It all appears so simple sometimes, friends, family and home. Moving away from everything i've ever known for 19 years of my life was hard, but for some reason it's not as hard as thinking about moving back. In the past year I have loved my life more than I ever thought I would. I know things change, and life goes on, but for some reason I don't think of my house in Manitoba as my home, the house I've lived in for the past year has become more of a home than anything. Living here has opened my eyes to amazing things and I will never forget them, no matter where I am. Although I miss my life back in Manitoba, I can't imagine my life away from here, the people, my job, and second family including someone I consider to be more than just a best friend, she is my sister and my little angel. Sometimes I think she's my guardian angel, the one who helps me stay on track and keeps my chin up no matter how low I'm feeling. To her I say thank you sister Jan a.k.a hamster bong. I guess my heart belongs here, where my life has changed my mind about living.

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