Irresistable Force entered the ring. It shook its red satin robe from its shoulders, stretched casually and glanced out at the crowd.
The crowd roared. Beautiful women in short skirts smiled cattily at Irresistable Force and crossed their legs a bit more tightly.
Irresistable Force danced a little warming-up jig. It bounced, shadow boxed, and did a little pirouette. Then it got its game face on...

Because here came Immoveable Object. Lumbering into the squared circle, canvas shaking under its tread. A giant heap of a thing, appropriately. Immoveable Object's trainer, a quiet, unblinking man, pulled away the yards and yards of blue cloth which acted as a robe.
Rolls and mounds of flesh quivered. Immoveable Object's eyes squinted thickly throuh its face in the general direction of Irresistable Force. It banged its gloves together and grunted.

The crowd leapt to its collective feet. Oh, it was on! This was fucking ON.

CLANG of a fight bell, and...

And nothing. Unfortunately, none of this happens. It doesn't happen simply because of one problem:

An Irresistable Force and an Immoveable Object cannot exist in the same universe. Logically. The very existence and definition of one of these entities automatically precludes the possibility of the other.

What happens when the Irresistable Force meets the Immoveable Object? Moot question. Sorry, folks.

Man...that'd be a helluva fight, though.

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