Boredom is a creative person's best friend. Even better than creativity.

Happy Sunshine Playland

The sun is shining. Come out and play.
We have a slide, a merry-go-ground, a meadow of flowers, and a new machine we just installed.

Who wants to try it out?

"I do!" you shout.

You walk up to the apparatus. It's marked "INTESTINATOR".

You push a button and it disembowels you.

Sugar Cookie Recipe

One kilo bile.
Two litres vomit.
A dash of blood.
Two freshly-evacuated intestines.
Four putrid slabs of beef.
Three kilos offal.

Freeze the bile and let fester for a week beforehand.

In a medium-sized bowl, whisk the vomit and bile. Add blood after five minutes of frenized whisking.
On a 9x13 pan coated with non-stick spray, lay out intestines. Preheat oven to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Cook for 19.5 minutes.

Do nothing with the beef. It is only here to give the author an excuse to use the word "putrid" in this song.

Remove baked intestines from oven and coat with offal.
Microwave vomit/blood/bile mixture for 1:30 on highest setting.

Take everything and dispose in trash.
Serves ten flies.

"Thirty-Six New Words Will Be Made Up in this Song"

The purulation of gastrointestinistical moglulations...
The supprobation of fedulent virusated remains...
The testronomosis that ruptures all deforating vugoformations...

Sufflicating the reflexive cranilidic ash, the festrogestinal vessicated tronosiditic repugnation evacuates all mucuvatrodisic deglosities.
They wabulate within the atrobasal alphabellious brugonations.

To eserfy the halibated midographies, there must now be...


Glorgificate the mucuvatrodisic deglosities, for they are flucated.
Their rodified osetofloccides shall surely give off dorducated jordomagosifications!



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