Buffalo wings, french fries, chicken nuggets, dumplings, sushi - These are interactive foods.

Interactive foods are any (usually bite-sized) foods that take a circuitous route from plate to mouth, stopping off on the way to be dunked into barbecue sauce, wasabi or what have you as opposed to being more ready-to-eat. A burger, no matter how much ketchup you decide to anoint it with, isn't interactive because it isn't designed that way. Who cares? Advertising agencies do.

Interactive foods look better in television commercials than static ones do - the very act of dunking does more to a product than a mountain of facts do because it implies Fun (with a capital F; another marketing term, if you can believe it) in a way nutrition information never can - fast food marketers want you to love your chicken nuggets and the more ways they show you interacting with your food, the better off you (ie, their clients) are.

There are a few other examples of interactive food other than the dunking type, like pizza - next time you see a pizza commercial, see if they show someone cutting it into slices. It's genius, it really is.

Finding more examples is left up to the reader.

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