Hilarious act at the New York Renaisance Faire. Imagine Shakespeare and Mad Libs and Improv comedy combined.

The actor playing Shakespeare will periodically ask the audience for something, and then force the other actors to make up an improvised rhymed poem or song about it. There is also one person who is chosen from the audience, and he or she has to say the same line constantly, until it is time for his or her improvised rhyme.

For example, I saw "Gossip Columnist Lear", whose hobbies were "Necrophilia" and "Pokemon". The best part was at the end, when Lear's fool had to make up a Gregorian chant (audience picks the song style too for the songs!) after Lear's death.
"Here lies the necrophiliac
he left me all alone
before he even had the chance
to come into his own (pointing at Lear's deceased children)"

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