Infone (, which bills itself as "411 and then some", is an information service that can be reached by dialing 888-411-1111. Features include "MyInfone", which allows you to upload a copy of your schedule to them so that it can be accessed anywhere with a phone, "TeleConcierge", which can book a hotel or dining reservation, buy flowers, and give you dates and times for any events happening near you. They have movie listings, and also can provide directions or offer directory assistance. Optionally, they can email you the information you received during your call.

Infone's commercials emphasize the personal aspect of it's service; you talk to a live operator, not a machine, and they apparently will greet you by name. Infone also works like dial-around long distance services (10-10-220) do; just ask the operator to dial the number, and talk at the service's normal rate, which is $0.89 for the first fifteen minutes and then $0.05 for any minutes after. Your first five calls are free, but I'm not sure if there are strings attached. Because of its very awkward phone number, the radio ads suggest you put it on speed-dial. It's probably a good idea.

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