No matter who you are, it is in your power to be happy.

I shit you not. You may or may not have the power to buy a new car tomorrow or bear children or write books or play music or go to France. But every single human being has the power to be happy.

So why aren't we all happy all the time?

Of course, this sounds like Epictetus talking in some situations--yeah, it's in your power to be happy while your leg is being torn off, but really, come ON. No, I'm worried about the mediocre folks who always seem dissatisfied and whiny. There, I cannot figure out why. The only thing that seems wrong with some people is that they're not happy, and yet...well, they're not happy. The only obvious answer is that these folk do not care to be happy. Or maybe they claim to not know how, but I don't buy that. We've all been happy, at least enough to know what it feels like.

Amazing. The secret to happiness is just to be happy more often. You can be happy. You know how. Just do it. Right?

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