Started in 1992, In The Life is a newsmagazine reporting on gay and lesbian issues and culture. It typically airs on PBS but is entirely viewer- and sponsor-supported, receiving no funding from PBS or the Corporation for Public Broadcasting; instead, 5000 members contribute a minimum of $40 each. Originally aired on only six stations, now 120 stations nationwide download the satellite feed to air the program, which is provided free of charge. In 1996, PBS's WNET became the official presenting station for the show, which is produced by In The Life, Inc., a non-profit educational organization. Each episode is an hour long, and six episodes are produced annually. Every show contains six to eight segments, focusing on youth and education, health and AIDS, arts and culture, the workplace, relationships and family, and global issues. Past episodes are available in New York City's Museum of Television and Radio, and may be purchased on videotape.

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