Recently in Baltimore City a fire took the lives of a mother and her five children while the father remains in the hospital in critical condition. A drug dealer who did not like the woman and her family because she called the police numerous times to get the drug dealers from in front of her home caused the fire. The group of drug dealers also beat up the woman one night on her way home from work. Fed up with the woman, one of the drug dealers, a 21 year old black male, kicked in her back door and poured gasoline in the house and set it on fire. The father escaped by jumping out of the 2nd story window but the rest of the family did not make it.

This story has gotten national attention to the point where a former Baltimore City Police Major was interview on the Bill Oreilly Show last Friday. The discussion was about the lack of police protection and how the inner city police turn a blind eye to crime. The former police major defended the accusations stating that the police officers are out there everyday putting their lives on the line...blah blah blah.

Having been raised in Baltimore City around the time when it was, and in some cases is still, labeled the murder capital of the world, I have witnessed and experienced the problem that continues to grow. Johns Hopkins Hospital is located right in the heart of east Baltimore City but is somehow unaffected by the crime that happens on a daily basis. If anyone was to stand across the street from Johns Hopkins Hospital you would see students, doctors, nurses and even business men. But what would be even more obvious is the great abundance of protection from the Baltimore City Police Department and the Johns Hopkins Security Force. However, if you do a complete 180 degree turn and look down the street you would see the people of the inner city and drug dealers galore, but no police.

Johns Hopkins has big plans for the City of Baltimore. They could care less about the people who live there and they have shown it by buying all the property, forcing people out and tearing down the neighborhood to build more campuses, parking garages and hospital facilities. So you see, the police could care less because in 5 years there will be no more inner city neighborhoods, just Johns Hopkins. So the hardworking honest families are left at the mercy of the streets. You may read the headlines today, hear about that horrendous crime that took the lives of that family and say, 'I'm never going to Baltimore City'. But rest assured, in 5-10 years, East Baltimore City will be the safest place on earth, Johns Hopkins will see to that.

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