Imitation crab meat is an inexpensive alternate source for real snow crab legs. The ingredients are normally Alaskan pollock or other whitefish ground up into small flakes and mixed with wheat and either egg whites or other binding materials that will allow it to maintain a stick-like appearance as though it was just pulled out of a snow crab leg exoskeleton. The outside of the manufactured imitation crab stick is covered with a layer of red food dye to give it a similar look to the real thing. Artificial crab flavoring is added, although it always seemed to be a pale ghost compared to the real deal to me.

Immitation crab meat, sometimes referred to as crab sticks, was originally developed by a Japanese company named Sugiyo Co., Ltd. in the 1970's. They later partnered with a North American company to expand distribution world-wide.

Iron Noder 2017

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