1908 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine
with Paul Ehrlich "in recognition of their work on immunity" --- http://www.nobel.se/medicine/laureates/
Quick Facts From the book "Ilya Mechnikov: His Life and his Work" by Semyon Zalkind
"He was a Darwinian scientist who had theories of cellular immunity, applications of phagocytic theory and the biological doctrine of inflammation... he established the destructive effect of certain white blood cells, which he called phagocytes, on harmful materials in the bloodstream. In 1884 Mechnikov announced a theory of phagocytosis, which formed a basis for the theory of immunity." --- http://www.discoveringbooks.com/upp2/0898756227AMUS1154.shtml


1907 - Alphonse Laveran | 1908 Paul Ehrlich

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