Iguanidae is a family of reptiles that contains about 60 genera and over 700 species. The Iguanids are mostly found in the Americas between Canada and Paraguay. Interestingly they are also endemic (they arrived before humans did) to Fiji, Madagascar, Hispaniola, and the Galapagos Islands. Evolutionary zoologists believe the Iguanids rafted across the oceans, which seems rather remarkable!

Iguana habitats can be arboreal, terrestrial, or semi-aquatic. While young they feed on insects. In later life they eat plants or, in the case of genus Amblyrhynchus, marine algae. All iguanas lay eggs. The Iguanidae are closely related to chameleons and agamas. They belong to the order Squamata and suborder Sauria (great w/u here, though recently lizards were reclassified).

Genera of Iguanidae

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