One day, sitting in Calculus, one of my friends, after pondering on this thought for several minutes, suddenly came to his own realization that "If you took away the floor, we'd be floating"

Tosta, my personal opinion is you should flee in terror. Of course this may just because I am said "friend". To shed some needed light on the topic(and to prove I am not a complete and utter moron), I know that if the floor was suddenly removed from under me I would begin plummeting toward the ground at an acceleration of roughly 9.8 m/s^2.

However sitting in calc class on the second floor of the second story of our school I began to marvel at what a wonderful invention the raised platform was. Who was the mad scientist who came up with the idea? Were they viewed as foolish when they were first designing prototypes of this crazy idea. And also how much has this invention allowed us to accomplish? Would we have any of the technology we do today without multiple leveled buildings? How many people would live in New York? Not many I suppose.

I also began to marvel at how (relatively) little material there was suspending me from death speeding at me with the previously mentioned acceleration. And it seemed a that with only that little material that I was almost floating.

As for the fear part, I am a computer engineering student, and if all goes well your life may very well depend on my abilites at my craft (I would like to work for an automotive company someday).

Now I have a track for creating insanely stupid quotes by not thinking before speaking, or people just plainly misunderstanding me (put alcohol into the mix and you have a deadly combination). So take this as a lesson kiddies, make sure that when you say something you have thought it out first, the people around you will understand, and you are sober.

Of course, since this has been put on the internet it will now become a catch phrase and I won't get any credit. Or am I just a little to full of myself?

This is what happens when a raised floor collapses under you because some moron overloaded it by putting four Origin 2000's side by side on it. Of course, you won't float for long; you'll do 9.8 meters/sec^2 into the plenum. Hopefully not into high voltage power cables.

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