International Union of Socialist Youth

IUSY is made up of 135 socialist, social democratic and labour youth organisations from 100 countries all over the world.

IUSY was founded over 90 years ago, on 24 August 1907. During the two World Wars its activities were suspended, but IUSY was re-established under its current name on 30 September 1946.

The goal of IUSY is to put into practice and defend the ideals of democratic socialism.

IUSY fight for: Freedom and human rights - So that every individual, can have full political rights without being discriminated against on the basis of class, caste, gender, religion or race. Equality, against any form of discrimination among individuals. For social justice. For equality between the genders, for equal opportunities and equal access to knowledge. For democracy, based on the principles of freedom and equality, against authoritarianism, populism and dictatorship. For the right to self-determination, to liberty and freedom of expression of all the peoples.

For universal solidarity, because we believe in the possibility of collective action for the liberation of individuals.

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