IRC chicks are women who have families and pets and go to school or have a job, wear the clothes they want to wear, like to hold their faces up to the sun, enjoy renting a silly movie just for a good laugh, care about homeless children, ponder religion at times, yawn when they're tired and turn the heat up when they're cold. Some IRC chicks like Mexican food, some like French fries, some like both. IRC chicks laugh with friends, like looking out over the sea, enjoy giving and receiving presents and compliments. They like art, and music, theatre, books. IRC chicks can be very pretty, or just mildly pretty, or hardly pretty. No matter how pretty they are, they have about the same amount of self esteem. IRC chicks are people like everybody else.

But there's something missing.
A certain void in their minds they don't usually recognize nor define, just a vague feeling of emotional unfulfilment. Some kind of loneliness. So they use their computers to seek for other people. Different kinds of people, to talk with, flirt with, share with, laugh with. For IRC creates a world with no barriers, adds total communicational freedom, and an invisible wall they can hide themselves behind. IRC chicks use IRC as a supplemental world to their own, sometimes boring, but quite regular lives.

And occasionally it goes wrong. When IRC turns out to absorb their real lives, for example. What follows is a period of a few weeks, sometimes months of extreme emotional instability. After that period they leave IRC for a while, but they always return. Sometimes IRC chicks get so involved with one particular person, that they decide to meet. Somehow the person behind the screen always turns out to be mildly pretty, a little boring, and to dislike Mexican food. They will talk till they're at a loss for words, and be ashamed of themselves, and their lives, and the things they've said in IRC. A few days after the meeting IRC chicks will return to IRC, a little quieter, a little more aware of how thin the invisible wall they hide behind is.

I don't know.
Maybe I just visit the wrong channels.

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