A part of the IPA/ASCII standard by Evan Kirschenbaum.

Appendix D. Segment Table

(See IPA/ASCII feature abbreviations to understand the coding. --gn0sis)

     blb-- -lbd-- --dnt-- --alv-- -rfx- -pla-- --pal--- --vel-- -----uvl-----

nas    m      M       n[      n      n.            n^      N           n"
stp  p b           t[ d[    t d   t. d.        c   J     k g      q    G
frc  P B    f v    T  D     s z   s. z.  S Z   C C<vcd>  x Q      X    g"
apr        r<lbd>     r[      r      r.            j       j<vel>      g"
lat                   l[      l      l.            l^      L
trl  b<trl>                r<trl>                                      r"
flp                           *      *. 
ejc  p`            t[`      t`                 c`        k'
imp    b`             d`      d`                   J`      g`     q`   G`
clk  p!            t!       c!                   c!      k!

     ---- lbv ----   --phr--  ---glt---

nas         n<lbv>                               alv lat frc: s<lat> z<lat>
stp  t<lbv> d<lbv>              ?                    lat flp: *<lat>
frc  w<vls>   w      H H<vcd>   h<?>                 lat clk: l!
apr           w                 h

    ----- unr -----     unr     ----- rnd -----
    fnt   cnt   bck     cnt     fnt   cnt   bck
hgh  i     i"    u-              y     u"    u
smh  I                           I.          U
umd  e   @<umd>  o-    R<umd>    Y           o
mid        @             R             @.
lmd  E     V"    V               W     O"    O
low  &     a     A               &.    a.    A.

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