This is the original user manual for the awesome INDECENT.COM.

Laal Software Engineers present:

  -=  INDECENT  =-

Programmed by:

. Daniel Navarro Medrano
. Luis Fernando Fernandez

To enjoy this mega-ultra-better-than-Doom(tm) game, you 
need at least:

. Color VGA
. 386 or better.(486 recomended)
. PC speaker
. 256 memory free bytes
. One cluster free on disk


. To load a level, type an ASCII character as command.
  (ex.   INDECENT A   warps to level 65)
. Cursor UP    : moves the ship up
. Cursor DOWN  : moves the ship down
. Pause key    : Pauses the game
. Esc key      : Returns to OS when you death
. Ctrl-Alt-Del : Aborts the game inmediatly
. You can use other keys to control the ship

Technical reference:

. 256 color graphics
. 1 bit QSound System and Dolby Sourround(tm)
. Digitized reactor engine of an russian space shuttle
. 256 different levels
. Fractal generated terrains
. Guraud shaded mountains
. Super smooth scrolling with multiple levels of parallax
. Stars background scanned from pictures of the VOYAGER IV
. Rendered Mines sprites in Sillicon Graphics Stations
. Space ship graphic based on USS Enterprise -Start Trek
. Game speed controled. If you have a Pentium(tm), don't
  worry. One of the most playable games at the moment. 
  (DOOM?, who needs it?)
. Score bar with full information for the pilot
. We use our own keyboard rutines OOKR(tm)

Source code available soon.

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