For the record: I will not be voting in this "midterm election." Why not? Because I have come to believe voting is a farce, and can only do harm. Maybe it used to signify something, to effect real changes in the direction of society, but modernly it seems simply more political theatre set up by a salivatingly powerhungry Republocrat duopoly to maintain an illusion of the masses having voice, our having some semblance of control over anything going on around us.

I have not much confidence that our votes are even counted, but insofar as they are, they wouldn't be bothering if doing so really changed anything; power never really shifts, it is only given the appearance of shifting to keep hopeful souls in line. And worse yet our participation in the farce lends it an unearned veneer of legitimacy. It lets those who perpetuate it strip our freedom. Every government whether nominally of the "left" or "right" simply seizes more power to itself, and points to "democracy" as justification, the imagery of votes being cast allowing them to claim what they're doing is simply what you voted for; but they never do whatever it was they promised. They may pay it some lip service and have big public displays of drama over "social issues" and grand ideas, but ultimately their scheme is simply to aggrandize and enrich themselves and those tied closely to them, and then you 'vote the bums out' and the next set does the same!!

There are a few "independent" candidates in a few races, but not one on my "noncompetitive" ballot; I'm not going to be the sucker who pays the time tax of standing in the voting line and facing a choice of the lesser of two evils. But people will vote, and at the end of the day the same bums, or some new set of bums cut from the same duopolistic powermongering cloth will continue to screw things up, and point to the polls to show that that's what the people wanted.



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