(This is one of those nodes for which the whole reason for existing is the name, and the content is just an afterthought.)

With that in mind, just think...once upon a time we were all invisible to the naked eye, teensy little strands of potential waiting to be uncoiled, molecular books waiting to be read, interpreted, edited. And now here we are, vast lumbering giants (relative to our micrsocopic origins), running around, having crazy adventures, interacting with other funky texty entities, and sitting at computers, re-encoding the four-dimensional books that we became and lived back into text, closing the circle. It's all just so awe-inspiringly, wonderfully, joyously silly.

The Universe has one hell of a sense of humour.

But what were you before you were even micrscopic? What were you before you were anything at all? How does it all jump from 0 to 1?

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