You scoff at the giddiness of lovers
perpetually skeptical of romantic attraction

you, who speak of biological imperatives
and the demands of evolution

Love has always been external to you-
a force that defies logic
as theoretical as time travel (just as unlikely)

The law of averages, being what it is,
one day that certain someone will tilt your head-
reasonable explanations will not apply

You will wake to mornings dizzy, with heart racing,
every step will be without equilibrium.

Doctors will rule out problems with your inner ear
They will say your blood pressure is fine.
They will also report that your heart is normal

That last part will be a faulty conclusion,
bearing further study.









"I want you to Love me," he whispered, too frightened to speak.
And he wonders aloud why feelings this strong make the body so weak.

Green and Gray-Nickel Creek


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