This quote that I saw as a headline in "Britain's favourite newspaper" The Sun, just about sums up the mentality of the vast majority of people in England.

The headline referred to the ridiculous and absolutely unnecessary panic buying of fuel that swept the UK during the middle of last week.

The queues came about due to a typically British knee-jerk reaction to the possibility that the fuel blockades which brought the country to a virtual standstill in September could possibly, maybe perhaps be repeated in a couple of weeks.

Once again, throughout London (possibly one of the only places in Britain where a car really isn't a necessity) 40 minute queues to stock up on petrol built up on every street that housed a petrol station. Once again, mercenary gas station proprieters were able to jack up the already far too high petrol prices to ludicrous figures (in the UK we pay up to 85p a litre for unleaded) to punters who were too scared to live without their automobiles for more than a few hours.

The fact that Halfords (a major car parts/accessories retailer) has sold twelve times the number of 3 litre petrol containers it usually sells tells you a little something about how sad we really are.

Anyway, I've heard that the Shell station up the road is running dry so I'm off to queue for 18 hours to fill up my wheely bin with 4 star.

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