That's actually a line from St. Robinson in his Cadillac Dream, by the Counting Crows, whom I happen to love dearly. "Well I may not go to heaven, I hope you go to hell".. chose that because it reminded me of extremes.. heaven vs. hell, you know?

Summer is hitting us now.. slowly sneaking up, but I have one complaint (well, one among many others).. spring wasn't nearly long enough. I wasn't finished watching the infinite glory of the season, the way the snow melts and presents the faded green of last year. No, no.. I'm definitely not ready for sweltering heat, sweat, cold showers and sunburns.

There is something to be said for summer though, it can be beautiful.. but I still prefer spring by far. Spring has a nice mix of winter and summer, I'm not an extreme person, I prefer warm over cold or hot.

Summer though.. it's probably the only season where a cool breeze can be blissful, the shade of a tree your saviour. I'm quite prone to spending a long, hot summer's day beneath a giant maple, avoiding the sun but at the same time watching it illuminate the world, dry the soil until it thirsts desperately for rain. Rain.. rain during summer, it is such an achingly beautiful thing when it pours, saturating the earth and the way the flowers respond, the leaves, the grass.

Now that I've actually thought about it, in depth that is, I love summer in some little ways, some glorious little ways. I guess it's just another case of needing extremes, we do need them.. if you don't have one negative extreme I'm quite sure it's impossible to experience the positive alternatives.

I'll never love another human so much as I loved him, but I'm enamored with the world, so deeply so intensely.. I'm in love with the trees and the sky and the rain, and the earth. I'm madly in love with the way the grass slips between my toes as I walk.

After all I've done wrong, all I've been through in my life.. I'm still able to see this beauty, that in itself is truly amazing.

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