It was another long day in my infinitely confusing and yet achingly beautiful Universe. I rode my thoughts to the deepest slumps of depression, and then back up again, not too high, but to a level that I can deal with.

Today I went for a walk, the most amazing walk I've been on in recent times, possibly ever. As I made my way down the hill that leads to my favourite tree-shrowded path, I heard the tell-tale signs that spring is most certainly in the air. The frogs and birds were chirping, along with the crickets, and of course I could see it, too, in the long, tender blades of grass growing wildly along the path, and in the tiny budding leaves.

Incidentally, when I started my little outdoor adventure, I was walking rather quickly, I was trying to get away from my problems, I think.. just leaving them behind. But as I walked, noticed the orange'y glow of the evening settling around me, I began to relax a little. Upon reaching the half way point, that is, in relation to my desired destination, I stopped.. I stopped and I looked up through the branches of the trees disappearing into the darkness, and thought, "What's this life for?". That's a song.. but that doesn't matter, what matters is, I thought just that. And then it all made sense, you know, everything. The planets alligned and my brain focussed and it was okay again. I turned around and walked back, much more slowly, and as I approached the stallion who resides in a pen away from other horses and the barn, all by himself, I decided to pick him a handful of grass. I did this.. he seemed grateful, since he'd pretty much devoured the fresh green grass in his corral.

I touched his nose just gently, and then went on my way.. as I went along I noticed he was walking beside me. I thought, "he must know..", how I felt, that is. He walked as far as he could walk with me, and then I stopped and turned to look at him, as he was doing the same to me. I couldn't help but think at that moment that it doesn't matter how lonely I feel, how alone I think I am.. I'm never quite there, there is always going to be someone, some creature there feeling a lot like myself, comforting without so much as a word.

After visiting the stallion, and some other horses up on a big hill out back with their darling little babies, I walked back towards the house. I was slowly making my way up the hill when I noticed two ducks, side by side, swim down into the pond making a little splash noise that startled me, but in a good way. I thought it was nice of them to say farewell..

I'd be so lost in this Universe if it weren't for the trees.

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