It's interesting ... many sociological studies have shown that women, as a group, take up less space than men. That is, they sit with their legs and arms closer to their bodies, they are less likely to sprawl out and take up a lot of room.

Many sociologists believe that this might be because of traditional expectations that women, like children, should be seen and not noticed. Women have this attitude of servitude and inconspicuousness drilled into them. Even those women who are aware of such expectations and reject them are less likely than their male counterparts to take the arm rest on the airplane or to invade another person's personal space.

But I like to take up space. I like to walk with big strides and sit with my legs strewn everywhere. I LIKE living in a way where I take up more space than I am expected to.

I wonder if I managed to circumvent this expectation or if my desire to hold my body in such a way is nothing more than a reaction to these same expectations?

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