Overtly covered by 2 snipers in a clock tower (I shit you not) and another 3 on top of a nearby bank, I took the once great man's hand and gave it a sort of double shake (hard to describe; like one you'd see "boys in the hood" give each other in films). He really wasn't expecting the second shake, so those damn cool Secret Service men he still seems to need moved a tad closer.

The main thing I will take from the experience is the fact that anyone who shakes lots of hands is not going to have a very clean hand. I'm not talking a bit of grime here. This was full on sticky mucus, presumably from the other hundred people before me, but still, a moist towel wouldn't have gone a miss.

Also, on TV you always see him talking to the crowd as he shakes their hands, but the strange thing is that although his mouth moves, not a bloody thing comes out - not one word. It was freaky to say the least.

About a minute after this I had moved on a little, but he happened to come up to me again, and stuck out his hand, but being the type of guy I am, I had since lost interest in trying to get a shake from Clinton, and was now trying to get his previously mentioned Secret Service men to give me a smile. I was unsuccessful...

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