Okay, here is one little thing you can do to make the world a better place. Don't assume that every person you meet who has dreadlocks knows where the pot is because many of us don't. If you're willing to believe it or not some people with deadlocks don't even smoke pot or care about it for that matter.

Yes, hair styles are a choice, but consider the options for a nappy headed individual like myself:
1. Cut it off (too 'dyke')
2. Grow an afro (too 'Jackie Brown ')
3. Cornrows (too time consuming)
4. Dreadlocks
Just because someone has picked option 4 doesn't mean that they like reggae or pot or that they own a bunch of fimo and want to try to sell you overpriced beads with misshapen yin-yangs on them. Dreadlocks are one of the most simple and logical ways of styling thick curly hair and are becoming more and more popular among woolly headed individuals. So, the likelyhood that a person who has dreadloks knows where the pot is will become lower with time making the connection between locks and pot a invalid stereotype. So, if you like pot or even if you have some locks yourself just don't go there.

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