A commonly visited thought by our hero for the duration, Spider Jerusalem;in this second installment of Transmetropolitan trade paperbacks titled "The New Scum". This trade paperback contains six issues and is created by a talented staff that are as follows.

The Talent

Writer: Warren Ellis

Penciler: Darick Robertson

Inkers: Rodnery Ramos, and Keith Aiken

Colorist: Nathan Eyring

Lettering: Clem Robins

The Issues

The New Scum One: The New Home

The issue stars out with Spider beginning to reap some of the benefits of being famous (unlike the previous beating it had earned him from the police) such as a free apple and a free soda. He goes home to his two lovers/friends (be it the case) Yelena and Channon to find them sitting at the table waiting for him to arrive. He goes out to his high security balcony just long enough to complain that his mind is turning to jell-o, pet his two headed three eyed cat, watch the city turn garbage into oxygen with unmakers, and shed a few tears because he really would rather be in his mountain. He goes inside telling his lovers/friends (whatever) that he is going to take a nap. After this we discover that Yelena has made sweet love to Spider in the past, when the ladies empty the memory of Spiders photographic sunglasses. Then we are introduced to the image of a woman named Vita Severn. She is obviously a relatively important person being that the street people have already raised an unofficial monument to her. We return to spider to find him sitting in front of a device that seems to be a computer/recording device to which he dictates his belief the this 'Vita' was murdered by the presidential candidate Callahan’s office.

The New Scum Two: New City

In this issue we really get an idea for the nitty gritty nature of the city that Spider lives in. He begins to walk around the city looking for a story only to find a man being stoned to death by a group of Re-Christians, who believe that they have the right to kill someone because they went to a pornography film with their lover. Spider proceeds to shot them with a Bowel Disruptor because he believes them to be full of shit.

Spider proceeds on to find a strangely dressed man setting up what he calls a 'technology free zone' believing that people need to remember how to be just people. Spider sits in the quiet for a bit, dubbing it the eye of the storm. He smokes a cigarette and leaves. He sits in the park contemplating the nature of the city and jumps up screaming "I HATE YOU, ALL YOU PEOPLE ARE FUCKING KILLING ME!!!"

At this point we flash back to the ladies talking about sex with Spider. Spider comes home to find out he has an interview with the president.

The New Scum Three: New President

This issue is entirely about Spiders interview with the current president. Basically, Spider spends the entire time spitting insults, slander, and general accusations at the president. Not to mention, an actual attempt at physically kicking the presidents ass, which nearly results in his execution by secret service people.

The New Scum Four: New Streets

This is another look at the streets of the city. You get several stories about the problems of decadence and danger of life in the city itself. Most notably you get the story of a man who lost his legs saving an entire block of the city from certain destruction only to be fired because he broke protocol to do so.

Spider goes to meet his friend, whom apparently remains nameless and give her a camera capable of storing ten million photographs inside itself.

We then get to see the police coming off their shifts, washing the blood off their riot gear and off of themselves.

Then to end the issue We see Spider help a lost little girl find her mother, quite a touching little scene.

The new Scum Five: The New Boss

At the very beginning of this issue we find that Spider has been bullied into meeting with Senator Callahan who is running for president. At the start of the interview Spider begins to work at humiliating him already, by bringing up an event that would cause him to take a major dive in the polls. Callahan proceeds to admit to this as well as a few other things such as the murder of ms Vita. Spider tells him he intends to release the information to the public, Callahan tells him that all of his recording devices were nullified upon entry of the room, and that he will make it his personal mission as president to see Spider silenced. Spider basically responds with "Fucking bring it on."

The New Scum Six: New Scum

This is the issue where Spiders lives to see Callahan get elected and he is so happy about it that he decides to throw several grenades off his roof, also Yelena admits publicly to having sex with Spider a most charming moment.:-)

The Point This really is a great series and you can't go wrong by reading it unless you are offended by violence, sex, and naughty language.

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