People are deceitful entities... They wear masks, they throw up walls, they inhibit themselves, repress themselves... Afraid to shine their true colours in fear of alienating themselves. Hiding in suits and khakis and the latest trend. Hiding in gossip and cruelty to cover up their insecurity. Absorbing themselves in work and forgetting what their inner reality is. Let's play pretend, let's act as if our lives are sparkling clean and shiny. Let's drown our problems in alcohal and lust and be the "life of the party". Though most don't exhibit all of the above negative qualties, many exhibit some to varying degrees.

The only person one can truly know is oneself, if they dare to try. One can know whatever the another wishes to reveal or what they sense, what they feel, what they want to see when they refuse to see the truth.

How can you know anybody if they don't know themselves?

It's a broken record that gets real old.

So yes, "I guess you really can't know anybody after all..."

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