You know, I picked up a little info about the kiddie who perpetrated those attacks on, and all that crap. A friend of mine who shall remain anonymous knew who did it, how they did it and where the majority of the boxes were that got hacked. I figured, I will broker his info to CNN for some cashola, so I call CNN and they tell me they won't pay me for my information, so I decide to take it to They tell me they will call me back. They have some person who is obviously a FBI agent call me back and start asking questions. Then, while I am sleeping before work this morning, they called here at work scaring the shit out of one of my co-workers who then proceeds to tell them everything that I was trying to sell to them. Not but a couple hours later this headline shows up on the front page of

CNN learns FBI zeroing in on locations in California, Oregon in hacking probe

Sources say University of California at Santa Barbara computer system was used to attack; attack on Excite@Home confirmed

I live in Oregon, and the smurf kiddie lives in cali (so I've heard); strange no? :P
Then the FBI calls my house this morning, thankfully getting my answering machine. So amazon is going to get their kiddie, the FBI is going to get their arrest (and probably fuck with me as soon as they get a hold of me) and CNN already got and will continue to get stories that make them millions. I however, am getting squat. Try to make a little cash for being a good sam and end up getting fucked by everyone. If I get raided I am going to be pissed...

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