SciFiQuest 3020: Foresight is 3020




To call them aerodynamic is the same as describing fine wine as "tasty" - a crude simplification of something beautiful.    They had a number at the time of production-  LAT- 444, but now everyone just calls them pods.   They are shiny metallic hover crafts that are used for low altitude transport; so sleek they appear seamless.   They can't fly above  5,000 feet and are mostly used for trips to and from cities- or to and from launching stations.   But they are a beauty and I haven't seen enough of them to be jaded yet.   To ride in them is to experience a dream-  they make almost no sound- just a soft hushing noise.  They rise and descend so gradually often the pilot has to warn you about impact-"here we go"- they say and then there you are.   On the ground again, with mortals.  

My grandfather says he remembers working at ritzy hotel when he was a kid  "200 a night"  he says,  and I smile and don't comment on how small a number that sounds now.   "I worked valet parking and I remember the first time I had to park a Maserati, I almost wet my pants.   But what a car- what a machine- I felt like I was in a Jet-  leather seats-  cherry wood paneling,  everything fit perfectly together.  After that- every other car felt like a trash can."   

"Is it like that", he asked?  I smile and say yeah,  it's like that.  

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