I choose April, (original title: Jeg velger meg April) is a poem by the Norwegian poet Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson. It was written by him for a danish monthly calendar in 1869.

This node is not as factually rich as it probably should be, but this poem has always given me strength as the seasons change from winter to spring. Following is the original Norwegian text, then a freestyle translation with focus on intention, instead of rhyme.

Jeg velger meg april

I den det gamle faller,

i den det ny får feste;

det volder litt rabalder,

-dog fred er ei det beste,

men at man noget vil.


Jeg velger meg april,

fordi den stormer, feier,

fordi den smiler, smelter,

fordi den evner eier,

fordi den krefter velter,

-i den blir somren til


I choose April

In it the aged falls

in it the new finds hold

it causes some kerfuffle

however peace is not the best

but that one wants something

I choose April,

because it storms, sweeps

because it smiles, melts

because it posesses abilities

because it topples powers

In it, the summer is crafted.

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