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Hello User.

I probably don't know you. I've been a card-carrying member of this world wide website for some years, but have been painfully passive with regards to producing prose, purple or plain.


In doing so, my passivity indirectly and admittedly in small part helped the decline of E2 from a vibrant and sprawling social medium to the abandoned babelian library it is today. Visiting this place now makes me feel like some anachronistic future archaeologist, trying to make sense of the strange culture found in a foreign, long forgotten land.


In "internet years", a decade is more akin to a century, if not more. I will never claim to be infallible, and I have no illusions that I'm not wasting my time on this planet, but I enjoy reading the nodes here. I enjoy interacting with the people having written or writing them. I wish to write myself, but am terribly lacking when it comes to completing projects and establishing a permanent routine.

Therefore, you might not see me here very often. But I do exist, I think. Send me a PM if you want to talk about anything. I'm probably more curious to know what you know than you would think.


I sincerely hope you have a nice day. Please take care, life is fleeting.

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