A literal translation of the Jewish Name Of God, "YAHWEH" or YHVH. Supposedly this name was revealed to Moses by the deity in question when he appeared to him in the form of a blazing bush.

Interestingly, this name takes the form of a 'strange loop' or self-referential description as described by Douglas Hofstadter in Godel, Escher, Bach. One of Hofstadter's proposals in this book is that the phenomenon, or epiphenomenon, of consciousness, is the result of strange loops in a complex system (e.g. the human mind) which generate higher and higher levels of self-reference. Robert Anton Wilson also refers to this idea in Prometheus Rising, using the entire Moses/Yahweh/Burning Bush incident as an example of normal human consciousness 'breaking through' to receive a communication from Higher Consciousness - in this case, what Wilson calls the Metaprogramming Circuit, which is characterised by self-reference and infinitely nested levels of awareness.

All of which I'm sure would have been of no use whatsoever to poor old Moses as he stood there with his eyebrows singed off wondering if he had finally gone insane from too much cheap wine.

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